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Wealth Building & Real Estate Innovation Speaker  

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Speaker Topics

Co-ownership for First-time Homebuyers

  • How to buy real estate with multiple owners
  • Co-investing with friends, family & partners
  • Shared ownership models
  • Pro's and Cons of Co-ownership
  • Protecting your investment - LLC's, real estate prenups

  • The future of co-investing

Homebuyer Workshop

  • Home Buying myths
  • Renting vs owning
  • Having a plan/strategy

  • Creating a budget & understanding credit

  • Cashflow & equity

  • Your homebuying team

Investing Like a Pro

  • Choosing the right location
  • Market/neighborhood evaluation

  • Powerful neighborhood drivers

  • Data driven market analysis - macroeconomic &

       demographic indicators

  • Returns on investment - cash flow & equity predictions

  • Building investment portfolio

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Future Cities - Live, Play, Work Framework in America

  • Getting ahead of market trends

  • Re-imagining urban cities

  • Emerging lifestyle trends

  • Smart cities

  • Technology Hubs

  • 15-minute cities

Real Estate Agent CE Course (3 credits):

  • Co-ownership training and certificate
  • New requirement, legal matters
  • Partnership opportunities

Millennial Home Buying

  • The new wave of property ownership for Millennials
  • Owning where you live

  • Student loan debt

  • Down payment

  • Choosing the right investment

  • Entrepreneurial homeownership - becoming a landlord

  • Cashflow & equity

  • Co-investing

"Once you know, you cant unknow...

It is up to you to now act on what you know"


Nikki Merkerson

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