Ownership & Wealth Building Speaker  

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Speaker Topics

Modernizing The Investment In Homeownership

  • Reimagining homeownership as a source of financial well-being
    The need for “National Industry Standard Homebuyer Education” updates to include wealth building component
  • Co-living with ownership/co-ownership/shared ownership
  • House hacking - maximizing multiple income streams from owning a home - the home ownership hustle, maximizing rental potential

  • Entrepreneurial home ownership

  • Demystify the home buying process

Co-ownership for First-time Homebuyers

  • Why Co-ownership
  • Ownership leads to wealth
  • Co-living with Co-ownership
  • Creating Community

  • Protecting Yourself & your Co-ownership investment

Building Wealth through Homeownership: how to create wealth, protect it, and grow it

  • The power of ownership
  • Creating cash-flow
  • Location is key

  • Looking at home ownership from an investors eye

  • Research - what will that neighborhood look like in the next 5-10 years

  • Neighborhood revitalization

  • Corporate investments

  • Leveraging equity

Millenial Home Buying

  • Changing the homeownership mindset, overcoming your fears
  • Preparing for your future

  • Student loan debt

  • Down payment

  • Commitment

  • Househacking - house hustling

  • The importance of starting early

  • Creating a better relationship with money

  • Work for someone else, buy a home, quit your job and leverage your home

  • Saving 50% of your income or more without sacrificing your luxuries

  • Money Hacking, Co-living, shared ownership, Co-ownership 101

  • Get out of debt, generational wealth, saving money

  • The new wave of property ownership  for Millenials

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Co-living with ownership

  • What is co-living
  • Finding your tribe
  • Making better connections
  • Affordable Housing Solutions

  • Short Term vs Long Term

  • Tacking the loneliness epidemic

  • Work where you live - workforce changes

  • Sharing economy

  • The future of co-living

Housing crisis in America

  • Rent burden

  • Urban displacement due to increased rents

  • Millennials future wealth if they don’t invest now

  • Wealth leaving Urban Cities - State of black wealth in urban cities

  • Is co-living an affordable housing solution

Homebuyer Workshop

  • Renting vs owning
  • Preparing for home ownership

  • Budgeting & Money Management

  • Understanding credit - going from bad credit to good credit

  • Home Buying process from start to finish

  • Sustaining home ownership

  • Creating generational wealth

"Once you know, you cant unknow...

It is up to you to now act on what you know"


Nikki Merkerson